The Great American Adventure


1.-Milky Way Galaxy (Pre-The Great American Adventure)
2.-Solar System (Pre-The Great American Adventure)
3.-Columbus (1492)
4.-Mayflower and Plymouth (1620)
5.-Birth of the United States (1751-1787)
6.-American Inventors (1807-1903)
7.-Whalers , Yukon/Great Alaskan Gold Rush, and Ocean Clipper Ships (1851-1897)
8.-17-Year old Crazy Horse watching Settlers move westward (1858-1876)
9. Lincoln's Presidency and The Civil War (1861-1865)
10.-The Wild West: Jesse James and Cowboys (1868)
11.-Rocky Mountain Railroads (1869)
12.-Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty (1885-1892)
13.-Advancement of Entertainment and Literature (1885-1939)
14.-Model T Ford, birth of the Automobile (1908-1916)
15.-WWI Uncle Sam and the Sinking ship Lusitania (1915-1918)
16.-The Charleston dance, Al Capone (Chicago Mob), & Louis Armstrong (1918-64)
17.-Disaster and Triumph of The Great Depression (1929-1938)
18.-Dust Storms, Grapes of Wrath (1934-1939)
19.-World War 2: Eisenhower, McArthur, Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, Hiroshima (1938-1945)
20.-Martin Luther King Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Orson Wells-television and Radio, Howdy Doody and I Love Lucy (1938-1963)
21.-Einsteinís Atomic Energy, Atlas Rocket, First Man on the moon (1940-69)
22.-The Kennedy Brothers, Nixon and Watergate, Woodstock (1969)
23.-Bicentennial (1976)
24.-Viking and Pathfinder landing on Mars surface (1976-Future)
25.-A Vision of the Future from 1976 (Future)
26.-Colonization of Planets and Moons by space explorers.(Future)
27.-Future explorers taking off into space just as Columbus explored the Unknown Oceans.(Future)

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