Adventur-Cation: The Great American Adventure

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Adventur-Cation: The Great American Adventure REP
(Replacement Education Program)

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Adventur-Cation The Great American Adventure is a 4 week Replacement Education Program (REP) designed to:
1. Build the foundation for future learning.
2. Increase student confidence in their ability and motivation to learn successfully (through autonomy).
3. Encourage student responsibility to learn.
4. Increase student knowledge.
5. Increase student's ability to retain learned knowledge.
6. Teach students the roles people, groups of people, and events have played in building the United State's diverse culture.
7. Instill responsibility in students to take accountability for building their own future success, and the success of the United States and World.

Contents- Can view now for free when registering for our free Beta program

1. 40" by 20" TGAA Poster (included in Digital Download-register for free download here)
2. 150 Flash Cards Cutout containing names of People, Objects, and Events inside TGAA (included in Digital Download-register for free download here)
3. Register to receive free TGAA Teacher Implementation Guide (succinctly describes the 20 hours of Learning Lessons, Games, Activities, and how to quickly implement them).
4. Adventur-Cation US History Assessment and Free Tool to create as many online assessments as you need for program (based on userguide)- (Create a free account, and view this Free Assessment and Tool Here).
5. TGAA First Edition Book Digital Copy (included in Digital Download-register for free download here)
6. TGAA Flash Card Answer Sheet Poster(s)-
17" x 11" poster of TGAA identifying Flash Card Titles inside TGAA Poster.  Poster contains labels 1-150. Each number relates to Flash Card title. (included in Digital Download-register for free download here)
I.E. the number 1 appears on Orson Wells, Number 142 is located on Statue of liberty from 4th of July.
7. Interactive TGAA painting flash (-included in Digital Download-register for free download here)

Read Full Story In the Marco Island News

Read Full Story In the Naples News

Read Full Story In the Naples News

The Book


The Great American Adventure is an affordable and easy to understand "walk through America" following a series of paintings by Victor Horvath. Its goal is to introduce students to an exciting adventure in the history of America, how it came to be and our place in the world. This is depicted as a series of singular events, each of which has been a turning point leading to our current society.

Each page concentrates upon one panel of Horvath's sectional painting of the same title. His technique - known as "transparent squares" - combines to become a mural covering 40 x 20 feet. Significant as the work is, comparatively few people will have the opportunity to view it and understand its message so the book was created to explain each panel's inspiration and meaning in words which have meaning and importance to students from early education through high school levels. The format is unique and is proven to be effective in developing a "sequence" of learning in early education. The format not only gives information, but also puts that information in a context which makes it relevant to other information. Each event is no longer a singular fact or circumstance but part of the on-going process of creating and enhancing a society. This format may be used for future works concentrating on particular people or events. The format lends itself to several areas of marketing:

ESL classes
" Schools - as an important part of history and civics curricula; also because of its unique format, the text can easily be translated for use in
ESL classes
" Libraries - as both an art book and as a history book
" Special Applications - it would be invaluable as a tool for new immigrants learning about America for citizenship requirements, for example

It is unfortunate that there are few programs in America's schools and libraries which give younger students an introduction to art and its significance to our society. The Great American Adventure is the first major work to bring the importance of art to children, explaining the role which art has played in recording significant turning points in history and linking them in a long, unbroken chain of events which lead us to the present day world. The work ends on a positive note - stressing that despite the dark times in human history human society has always found new and better futures. Horvath, in the final panels of his work, speculates on what lies ahead for humanity as it expands into space exploration and explores the on-going evolution of man.

The Great American Adventure is ready to be presented to schools, libraries and private parties as an important part of early education in American history. It represents one of the few tools which parents and teachers can use to create and teach a "chain of events" which brought America to its present - and seemingly the only educational device which combines the written message with a visual representation. It is a truly unique and significant new approach to teaching.

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