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Victor Horvath Now Available
(Original Victor Horvath Paintings for sale Now. Victor has kept these in his collection over the years. Now he is ready to sell his original special collection paintings)

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(to order painting email or call 239-595-6391)

Beach Sunset

Business Executive

Cat & Dog

Classic Ship


Tiger on the Prowl

Cute Cat

Cute Dog

Deer Forrest

Derby Hat

Europe Sidewalk

Castle St. Angelo Rome

Historic City

Enchanted Forrest

Feline Friend

Jimmy Hendrix

Key Hole

Lake Mountain Home

Leopard Nap

Leopard in a Tree


Miles Davis


Mountain Lake

Canada Waterfall


Polar Bears

Deep Road

Talk of Town

Twin Vessel

Heron Beach

Under the Sea


Venice Action

Vessel on the Sea

Swimming the Waterfall
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