Victor Horvath (Present Day)
Victor Horvath

Victor Horvath Transportable Mural Fine Artist
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Victor Horvath Paris (1964)
Victor Horvath Paris

Business Murals
(Victor can paint to bring your business environment to life. It can be your own concept or Victor can create it for you based on your desires.)

Victor's Murals: -transportable
-move with you
-only limit is your imagination

Victor can paint your dream environment on your wall at your business or home.

Victor Horvath's Latest Work

Jazz 2 September 26, 2012:
Jazz 2

Rock & Roll February 8, 2012:

Victor Horvath Rock and Roll

Victor Horvath's
JAZZ August 10, 2010:


Call for more informaton about the Mural you desire and schedule an Appointment

Home Murals
(Victor can paint to bring your home environment to life. It can be a picture of your own or Victor can create it for you based on your desires.)

Victor Horvath is one of few Living Master Artists.


Victor can paint your dream environment on your wall at your Business or Home.


See Victor's 1000 works of Art

Adventur-Cation Replacement Education Program (REP) designed to:

1. Build the foundation for future learning.
2. Increase student confidence in their ability and motivation to learn successfully (through autonomy).
3. Encourage student responsibility to learn.
4. Increase student knowledge.
5. Increase student's ability to retain learned knowledge.
6. Teach students the roles people, groups of people, and events have played in building the United State's diverse culture.
7. Instill responsibility in students to take accountability for building their own future success, and the success of the United States and World.

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    What makes Victor Horvath's Murals Unique?

    -They are transportable (can move with you)
    -Only limited by your imagination
    -Incorporate Victor's imagination with your own


Your Dream Environment
On your Home or Business Walls!

Victor has completed 1000s of master art work pieces.

Victor's Murals look like they are painted on your wall,
can be removed and trasported when you move.

Call for more Informaton About the Mural you Desire and Schedule an Appointment 239-595-6391 .

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The Great American Adventure Mural The Great American Adventure

Victor Horvath painted The Great American Adventure in 1976 to celebrate the bicentenial. The Great American Adventure is a 20' x 40' Mural containing four 4'x4' and 23 4'x8' sectional paintings. It was a tremendous undertaking and took Horvath over 2 years to build this master piece. He used all of his savings and had to borrow money to complete the massive painting. The Public Education system now uses his mural as the center piece for the Adventur-Cation system. The system teaches students a new way to learn through literacy, technology, and cultural understanding.

See the Education Edition's spotlight of Adventur-Cation:
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View Victor's Lifetime of Artwork below.
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Customized Art | Portraits | Landscapes | Seascapes | Murals | Pets

"Victor Horvath is the 21st century's Vincent Van Gogh. His trademark Transparent Squares coupled with his unique impressionistic style classify him as a Master Artist. He is unlike any artist before or after his time. Victor is now painting custom murals for his clients.

His famous painting The Great American Adventure will never be forgotten. Victor Horvath founded Adventur-Cation when he painted The Great American Adventure. The Public Education system now uses his Adventur-Cation system (based on The Great American Adventure Painting and Book) to teach students US History. Adventur-Cation uses his Transparent Square mural paintings to catalyze learning.



Victor Horvath's Trademark style will be studied and remembered by future Masters.

(Setup appointment today: email or call 239-595-6391)


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Victor Horvath California (1965)
Victor Horvath

Victor Horvath's Adventur-Cation paintings are based on historical facts. It works by creating memories through the repetitive association of Art with Fact. In more detail, Adventur-Cation works by associating Victor Horvath's Transparent Square Art with literary facts, sounds, videos, personal experiences, and primary source materials.

The result of the Adventur-Cation program is an adventurous, unique, memorable, enjoyable, and educational process. We owe Victor's Artistic genius for its existence."

John H. Sellers
Adventur-Cation Inventor

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