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The Great American Adventure©
Builds Confidence, Literacy Skills & US History Knowledge
(For Ages 7 and Up)



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  • Engaging games, exercises, and tests to facilitate reading and learning.

  • Web-Based US History Assessment to test knowledge before and after reading this eBook and exploring Adventur-Cation's interactive Online Learning System.

  • Identification exercises that allows readers to identify all 150 People, Places, andThings found within The Great American Adventure Interactive Painting.

  • A Free Teacher Manual with 20+ hours of US History education exercises.

  • A Fun method to improve your US History Knowledge.

  • 100% turnkey solution for teachers to implement with instructions embeded in the eBook and online learning system

Adventur-Cation Reviews

"As a social studies educator and coordinator for district curriculum programs for over 30 years, I would have to say the art and design of the program are singularly unique. .. I can easily envision students attempting to discover Mr. Victor Horvath's 'vision of America' and possibly developing their own vision which they might convey through writing or artwork of their own... I could see the material being used at the fifth, eighth and possibly the 11th grade U.S. History programs, teachers structuring lessons that would appeal to the developmental needs of each age group. Thanks for sharing this creative resource with me. I will refer to the program when applying for grant funding that would enable us to engage in the activity of creating lessons from the artwork."

Jack Bovee Social Studies Coordinator

"Thank you for your oppurtunity to read your manuscript Adventur-Cation™. I found the manuscript to be both educational and enjoyable. In addition the pictures are beautifully drawn works that add such life to the text."

Mike Ward

Editorial Director

"My assessment is that Adventur-Cation™ is a good resource for Classroom Teachers. We do teacher resource units and it would be great to have specific lessons tailored to the individual pictures identified by your print material."

Lora V. Murphy
Vice President Social Studies Division

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